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"We all have drama in our lives, some more than others ..." 

We all fall for imperfect love. Girl and boy on tree. Imperfect love

Not Quite 


a novel

Irene Ayo Asuen

   Ian Sharp usually counted on his good looks and irresistible charisma to get him out of life’s sticky binds. More importantly, these attributes were his gifts to women … that is ... until he met Kendra Mercury, and everything became ... well, complicated. Kendra tested him. She challenged him, she drove him crazy, she confused him, she tolerated him, she loved him, and she was quite the stubborn woman. She was also his Achilles’ heel. Ian Sharp was not used to this …
    By anyone’s standards, Kendra was the total package: beautiful and smart. Men constantly made passes at her, but it was Ian that made her heart soar. Kendra’s friends and family had always known her to be a logical woman, not prone to irrational decisions, but after she met Ian, ‘‘smart, sensible Kendra,” Kendra morphed into, well, “someone else.” However, the way Kendra saw it; “no one knew Ian,” the way she did …  
    Ian and Kendra were magical together, but their relationship was more than a tad complicated because Peter Rite, who matched Ian in charisma, smarts and good looks was also in the mix. From the moment that Peter met Kendra, he just knew that she was the face of his heart.
    There was no denying that Kendra and Ian had quite the effect on each other, or that Kendra and Peter also had quite the effect on each other. One was the irresistible adventure that excited every woman while the other was a safe sensible bet. Ian was used to getting what he wanted, while Peter was confident in his ability to keep and appreciate what he had, and Kendra? Well, Kendra did whatever Kendra wanted, and it led to one big, complicated mess. And of course, there was also the matter of Liana …
    Rejected by the man who gave her life but accepted by another who loved her like his flesh and blood, Liana was in the middle of the triangle that was Kendra, Ian, and Peter. However, all their issues took a turn on one faithful day when life suddenly threw Kendra, Ian, Peter, and everyone else in-between, a curveball, and the one person strong enough to guide everyone back to normalcy, was the one person whom everyone deemed as imperfect …
    There is more to the story…


We are each other’s stories

a novel

Mountain Destiny's Voices



Irene Ayo Asuen

poetry vol. 1

Destiny's Anguish
All the ones, destiny’s love, hope



New Book Cover website-Nobody told me(600 × 315 px) (313 × 600 px) (6 × 9 in).jpeg

Nobody Told Me

Irene Ayo Asuen

Five Short Stories

Just My Opinion, But...

Quotes, Vol. 1

irene ayo asuen

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Not Quite Imperfect

Nobody Told Me is a collection of five short stories as the characters, tell their stories in their own ways:


“I have to expose myself in order to free myself.”


“Outside Looking In: Dark”


“Negative Bitch”


So, so, so much


“A familiar stranger but nobody told me”



"I always have something to say.

Sometimes quietly,

sometimes loudly,

and sometimes, even in quotes"

Copyright © 2017 Irene Ayo Asuen
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