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We all fall for imperfect love. Girl and boy on tree. Imperfect love

Not Quite


Irene Ayo Asuen

a novel

    Not Quite Imperfect is a character-driven, drama-filled, romantic story that explores human connection, tragedy, betrayal, survival and redemption:

    Ian and Kendra had an all-consuming, passionate, noisy, kind of love but their relationship was more than a tad complicated plus there was the pesky matter of Liana, which caused Kendra to walk away from their relationship. Ian’s loss became Peter Rite’s gain two years later when he happened to Kendra. And they were good together … that is, until Ian came slithering back to Kendra’s life in an unsavory manner. Yet, despite the years gone by and Ian’s unpleasant behavior since he had messily invited himself back into her life, and in spite of her great love for Peter, Kendra knew that Ian was still the drug that she just couldn’t quit ...

    However, the choice that Kendra had to make had nothing to do with Ian or Peter, and everything to do with Liana when life suddenly threw Kendra, Ian, Peter and everyone else in-between, a curveball and the only way to pull through depended on the most unexpected person, but not for the reasons that you think …

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We are each other’s stories

a novel

    In Destiny’s Faces, which tells the story of love, betrayal, and inter-cultural differences, we meet Tristan who is tall, handsome and successful. Every woman wants him and every man wants to be him but no one is as determined as Jamie Sand to have him. Jamie is beautiful, spoiled and rich. She pursues Tristan with shameless zeal until she has his ring on her finger. Unfortunately, it is after Tristan marries Jamie that his carefully constructed world falls apart …

    Then there’s Kelly Dawson, whose union with Daniel Match opens her world to a whole new experience…and a trail of unhappy people including her best friend, Dave Rivas. When Dave sees that there will never be a chance of a relationship with Kelly, he takes matters into his hands on her wedding day as he seals many people’s destinies with a single heinous act...

    However, Kelly’s parents, Drs. John and Taylor Dawson see what happened to their daughter as the perfect opportunity to deceive her into marrying a certain Dr. Gregory Krebb, the part-owner of the hugely successfully Krebb-Anderson medical center. The marriage between Greg and Kelly is perfect…just as long as Dr. Krebb is in control…

    Years later, Kelly meets a striking foreigner in the person of Aburion Olumide but he is a broken man with a hunted past and of course, he has Yemisi for a mother …


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Destiny's Anguish, waterfalls, lost love

Destiny’s Anguish is a lyric poem about love that once was, still could be but probably never will be.

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a lyric poem

Irene Ayo Asuen


    Destiny’s Love is a lyric poem about love against all odds.

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Mountain Destiny's Voices



Irene Ayo Asuen

poetry, vol. 1

    Destiny’s Voices is a compilation of poems touching every human emotion.

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I always have someting to say...sometimes even in quotes

Just My Opinion, But...

Quotes, Vol. 1

irene ayo asuen

     Just My Opinion, But… is a book of unique quotes

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Not Quite Imperfect
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