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We are each other's stories

    "Anne, can you hear me? I’m in my bedroom and already dressed!” Still no answer. At that moment, Kelly realized with panic that those clicks, which she had always taken for granted each time Anne walked on the partially carpeted floor when she entered their apartment, could not be heard. Anne always wore heels. Kelly began to get nervous as it dawned on her that a stranger might have broken into their apartment. The bedrooms were a short distance from the living room. She quickly closed her bedroom door and locked it. The only weapons she could find in her room were her heavy snow boots and those were not enough to protect her. Beads of sweat broke out on her face and she began to pray for someone to help her. This was supposed to be the happiest day of her life. Nothing was supposed to go wrong.

    There was a knock on her bedroom door and Dave Rivas called out.

    “Hey! Kelly you still getting ready for your big day? It’s me, Dave.”

   “Yes. I’m here,” Kelly replied in relief as she recognized his voice. She quickly opened her bedroom door to let him in. He entered her bedroom and closed the door. The lock clicked into place as Kelly fell into his arms for comfort.

    “What’s wrong?” asked Dave in an even tone. There was a hungry glint in his eyes, which she did not notice immediately. He was dressed in blue jeans and a white shirt, not the tuxedo he was supposed to be wearing for the wedding.

    “I was just a little startled by the door unlocking. I thought it was a burglar. How were you able to enter the apartment? I thought the door was locked.” Dave did not have a copy of the keys to her apartment.

    “I picked the locks to let myself in,” he said calmly, without further explanation.

    “Why? All you had to do was ring the door bell,” Kelly responded a little uneasily. She would have pulled away from his hug, except that he continued to hold her tightly.

    “Well, I didn’t want to use the door bell…what does it matter anyway? I am here, aren’t I?”

     “Dave, what’s going on with you?” Kelly tried not to sound afraid. This was Dave Rivas, after all. Crazy, fun, safe Dave. Her Dave.

    “I came for my woman. You are my woman, Kelly, not Dan’s. I’ve loved you for years. I have waited for you, forever. You are mine, Kelly. You can’t marry Danny.”

      For the first time, Kelly saw the naked, hungry look on Dave’s face coupled with obsession. It was the look of a crazy man. This was certainly not the David Rivas that she knew …

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Not Quite Imperfect
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