Each morning, same time, he enters the train and takes a seat.

He immediately buries his head in his paper,

unaware that she is admiring him.

She wonders what his name is.


She does not see a wedding band.

and quite naturally, she assumes he is not married.

The thought crosses her mind that he might

have someone special in his life.

She hopes not.


She wonders if he notices her at all. She hopes so.

She wants to speak to him but has yet to

muster enough courage to ay something.


A total stranger is the object of her admiration.

She knows absolutely nothing about him.

What to do? How to approach him?

She is terrified of rejection. What a dilemma.

After all, he is a stranger … her stranger.


She thinks about him a lot and looks forward

to seeing him on the train each day though unbeknown to him.

He is the object of her fancy, and the reason for her glow.

She just wishes she has enough courage to say something to him.

Perhaps one day. Just maybe.

For now, he is still a stranger… her stranger.


© Destiny’s Voices

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Not Quite Imperfect
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