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In the race of my life, in pursuit of my goals.
Once was close but fell and my race was broken.
So very close yet so far away. Told to start again.

Hard to start afresh at the beginning of the line.
Heard the gun go off but started a second slower.
Now I am counting on determination to see me through.
Still, I am in the race of my life like so many others.
The track seems endless and there are other races I have to run.
But first I need to finish this one so I can start the next one.
Determination is what counts.
I see people racing for all they are worth.
And I see others slowing down.
I also see people dropping out of the race.
They are not trying hard enough.
Or maybe they are. Either way, I understand.
I see myself panting and puffing,
and thinking of giving up on the race too.
Yet a little voice deep down inside me encourages me
in a gentle voice not to give up.
It tells me the finish line is too close for me to quit now.
The red tape is just within inches of me.
There are also flowers, medals and, a trophy waiting for me.
The voice is nudging me on. Nice to know someone still cares.
I need all the determination I can muster to take these last few steps.
The voice says not to give up because I am capable
of not just finishing the race but winning it too.
I must not let this voice down. I must not disappoint myself.
I have to finish this race.
My prizes are waiting. Just waiting for me to pick them up.
@ Destiny's Voices, I.Asuen
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